Michi-no-Eki (roadside station) Yoshiumi ikiikikan​

Hearty meals and a specialty-goods market.
You can enjoy fresh seafood and charcoal barbecue while viewing Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge.
You can also buy vegetables, fresh fish, specialty-goods, and other souvenirs from the island.

Seafood charcoal barbecue



Kurushima Tidal Currents Experience Cruise (tidal rapids observation boat)

Business hours
Store 9:00~17:00 9:00~17:00 10:00~16:00 10:00~16:00
Restaurant 11:00~14:00 L.O. 11:00~15:00 L.O. 11:00~14:00 L.O. 11:00~15:00 L.O.
Food court 10:00~17:00 9:00~17:00 10:00~16:00 10:00~16:00
The food court sells fried foods, rice, and bread from 1 hour after opening until 1 hour prior to closing.
Seafood charcoal barbecue 10:00~15:00 End of reception
(15:30 L.O. / 16:00 CLOSE)
10:00~15:00 End of reception
(15:30 L.O. / 16:00 CLOSE)
10:00~15:00 End of reception
(15:30 L.O. / 16:00 CLOSE)
(15:30 L.O. / 16:00 CLOSE)
* The business hours may change or there may be irregular closures.
Closures Closed on New Year's day and every Wednesday between January 9 and March 15
Address 4520-2 Myo, Yoshiumi-cho, Imabari City, Ehime 794-2114
TEL 0897-84-3710
FAX 0897-84-3760
* Travel companies and bus companies please contact us at: Shimanami Co., Ltd. Reservation Head Office FAX: 0898-22-6857. (Closed: Weekends and holidays)
Parking lot 100 spots for regular-size vehicles, 10 for large vehicles, and 2 accessible parking spots The spots for large vehicles require a reservation.
Access From Hiroshima: About 20 minutes by car from the Oshima Kita IC
From Ehime: About 5 minutes by car from the Oshima Minami IC
Payments You can use credit cards, electronic payments, and QR codes at the Michi-no-Eki (roadside station) facilities.
We accept credit cards.

You cannot charge electronic payment methods. We appreciate your understanding.
Other The business hours may change during the winter, the year-end holiday period, or due to COVID-19.
We will provide advance notice,so please check for any information.

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